Top 10 Bridal Bouquet ideas

Top 10 Bridal Bouquet ideas. A bride’s floral arrangement is arguably the second most important part of her outfit, ranking immediately behind the wedding dress. Therefore, we encourage you to put a lot of thought into the flowers you carry down the aisle! If you’re wondering how to make your Bridal bouquet extra special, it helps to turn to some inspiration. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with 10 of our all-time favorite arrangements. The bundles here feature some of the most creative shapes, memorable shades, and beautiful flowers out there.

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No matter your style, we think there’s something ahead that’ll catch your eye. That’s because we’ve spotlighted such a wide range of clutches. Some of the following arrangements are definitively seasonal—you’ll love the many fall bridal bouquets, for example. Others adhere to certain themes, like rustic, modern, and tropical. Plus, there are many that embrace totally unique color palettes.  

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Click through to get a hefty dose of pretty delivered right to your screen. Don’t just browse the photos, though—read their captions, too. We’ve explained exactly why we’ve selected each Bridal bouquet. Additionally, we’ve provided details regarding the hues and blooms they include. Of course, we’ve also credited them to their respective floral designers, so you might even find the perfect big-day florist Best Bridal Bouquet ideas for you!

green and white bridal bouquet flowers.

We’ll kick things off with this gigantic Bows + Arrows bouquet, which contained peonies, sweet peas, and garden roses and a mix of other colorful blooms. While the leading lady admitted that the cascading bridal bouquet was quite heavy, the wow factor was so worth it.

  1. Ombre Bridal Bouquet
  2. Local Bridal Bouquet
  3. Structural Bridal Bouquet
  4. Rosy Bridal Bouquet
  5. Subdued Bridal Bouquet
  6. Modern Bridal Bouquet
  7. Trailing Bridal Bouquet
  8. Glowing Bridal Bouquet
  9. Monochrome Bridal Bouquet.
  10. Cascading Bridal Bouquet